How Did Retro Rags Get Its Start?

From Joe, Founder of Retro Rags Limited:

"What is Retro Rags Limited? Well, it started because I didn’t like the idea of throwing away an old t-shirt. Now that might sound a little crazy, but I'm sure many of you can relate. Maybe it’s a shirt you got at a great concert, comic convention, or sporting event. It could be just about anything that when you see it or hold it, it brings back that feeling, that memory. So instead of ending it, I decided to save my shirt, or at least a portion of it. I thought to myself, why not just cut out the piece that’s important to me and sew it on something else to live another day? It was as simple as that.

"I needed a spring jacket so I picked up a basic hoodie, my blank canvas. Then I gathered up a group of other t-shirts that were on their last legs. I also had a few patches purchased from visiting comic conventions and other road trips, just waiting for a purpose. I know a t-shirt is just cotton with silk screening, or digital printing, or whatever, but when you attach a memory to it, something else, something more is born. Those memories, those good times, those things that had significance to me were meaningful chapters in my life and should not just be thrown away. I brought the whole lot to my local tailor to sew on to the hoodie. The end product was amazing, unique to me and almost everywhere I went wearing it, people stopped me and took notice of it. This is what Retro Rags Limited is and I am so honored and proud to help each of you Remember, Relive and Retell your unique stories."

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