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Welcome to Retro Rags Limited

Imagine creating an article of clothing, inspired by all the things you love. It’s as unique as you, because no two people are exactly alike. It’s exclusive, because it contains little pieces of you or chapters that tell at least a portion of your life’s story. This is the foundation of Retro Rags Limited.

Be a Part of Our Story

Retro Rags is more than an apparel company. We are company of individuals dedicated to keeping the pop-culture of the 80's and 90’s alive and thriving. As a result, we place high value on those vintage, hard to find patches that adorn our products. We seek out these patches from shows you loved, teams you cheer for, and movies that changed your life and put them together on a hoodie made just for you.

The days of Saturday morning cartoons, your favorite bowl of cereal, and where friends like the Snorks or Smurfs were a part of some of your favorite memories. Who could forget Battle Beasts, Hulk Hogan and Friends, The Wuzzles, He-Man, or Silverhawks? We grew up with these iconic characters and now you can wear them back to life.

Remember, Relive and Retell your story.

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Retro Rags Limtied aquires national licence for Mythic Legions and Cosmic Legions

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN October 5, 2021 August 2021, marked the 5th year in operation for Retro Rags Limited, an independently owned and opera...

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