Those unfortunate enough to be locked up in the prison Hvalkatar not only find themselves relegated to a life of punishing labor and agonizing isolation, but even worse - they could be forced to spar for the entertainment of the staff and other prisoners. The brutal fighting arena that these unlucky few face off in is known as The Grave, and the lowermost ring of prison cells which surround that arena have been dubbed The GraveRing. .

With the entire cell block boiling over with an impending sense of doom, the prisoners that call The GraveRing home tend to form an unbreakable camaraderie. Oftentimes, the arena prematurely cuts those bonds short, but in the case of those sworn to Olek Thygar, those bonds have transformed from a loose kinship into an organized and focused team that takes its name from their own humble beginnings: GraveRing.

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